“Spiralling down and away…away from life.”
The second book in the Paranormal Mystery series written by Anupama Ramanujan continues to trace the adventures and misadventures of the protagonist, Kanika.
In the second part of the trilogy, we come across a woman who istroubled by her suicidal thoughts; and another woman who is trying to help her out.
The key to understanding all that is happening lies with a spirit from the past…

Darshini is desperate to escape the horrific suicidal thoughts plaguing her. Thoughts that began in her childhood, when she manages to sleepwalk into an excavation site. Her friend, Kanika, is desperate to protect her, and to reach out to her.
As the two friends dig deeper into the beguiling problem, they are taken to the roots of their native land. There are stories and spirits connected to this native land: as are ouls who have lived and died on that land. The enormous question is: what does this have to do with Darshini’s increasing disorientation with life? As Kanika and Darshini dig deeper into the latter’s troubling thoughts, they face the danger of colliding head-on with an avenging spirit.
Will the two friends succeed in taming the spirit that possesses Darshini? Or will she be over powered by their call- a call that keeps asking her to jump?

The cover of the book is engaging and apt, as is the title: Falling!
It is an exciting and gripping read.

Book Review- PARANORMAL SERIES: INDIGO AWAKENING, by Anupama Ramanujan

In the third part to the Paranormal Mystery series, we witness how fear, the most primal emotion, takes over the dark hours of one woman who, in an effort to understand her fear, begins to wander into the unknown.
Kanika, a middle-aged woman, who is mother to an eleven-year old boy, has always been afraid of the dark. Even as an adult, she is unable to conquer her childish fear. As a result, she is hounded by nightmares not only while she sleeps, but even in the day time. Soon, however, Kanika is left with no choice but to face her terror, as the darkness begins to push her towards the edge of insanity. As she chooses to confront the darkness, the lines between reality and imagination are dissolved, leaving Kanika in a state of complete uncertainty and doubt.

The title of the story is thought provoking, as is the cover. It is rare for one to come across an adult who might be afraid of the dark. In making her protagonist such an adult, right there, the author sets herself apart from many other such authors.
The prologue to the book is itself very interesting, and it prompts one to read on.

The narration is flawless and natural, leaving readers eagerly turning the pages. One is eager to find out what might happen to Kanika. Will her fears get the better of her?
Grab you copy of The Indigo Awakening to find out!


“I die, only to live… within you”

Written by Anupama Ramanujan, the first book in the Paranormal Mystery series, titled “The Spirit Within Her”, is a short story of 86 pages.
A lot of us might have had occasion to feel that we are no longer the person that we used to be. We have changed beyond recognition. This is precisely the situation that the protagonist of the story, Kanika, finds herself in.
She is a middle aged mother, who has strange dreams, and begins to act like a teenager. nThe story talks about the spirit of a troubled teenaged girl trapped within Kanika’s body, and a bearded mystic who travels across time zones. Here lies a story of how three worlds collide- of how three worlds meet to help each other.
As Kanika’s thoughts and actions begin to reflect adversely on her personal relationships and life, she realises that the only way out of her predicament is to determine the identity of the spirit within her.

Spiritual dreams, paranormal activities, and a quest for understanding what is going on combine in this thrilling read.

Book Review- My Happily Ever After

My Happily Ever After

What is this about?
My Happily Ever After is a simple book which is focused on Love. It is the love story of two young souls who are pushed into the same engineering college. Both Kashav and Alka have different dreams and aspirations but continue to study Engineering to satisfy their parents. And eventually they find some common ground to bond over.
Keshav is already very attracted towards Alka but is unaware that his feeling of friendship have long been overpowered by something more intimate.
So what happens now? Do the become engineers for the sake of their parents? Do they pursue their passion- singing and writing? Do they end up together?

What do I think?
The book is well written capturing the emotions of different phases. Keshav and Alka start as friends but soon fall in love with each other. The author has managed to elaborately explain each and every stage. As time passes you will feel that you are falling in love as well- with this book!
The book focuses on two most important things. One of which is love- you get to see how Keshav and Alka mature over time and try to sustain their love for each other. This starts off as young love which turns into something more meaningful.
Second thing being the pressure regarding career choices. Of course it is wise to go for something that is practical and will generate substantial money. But that shouldn’t necessarily be achieved by murdering your passion.

What did I like?
The storytelling is amazing. The author uses simple text to convey his message. The cover design is absolutely adorable and deeply justifies the story.

Would I recommend it?
It is a good romance read. If you are into romance novels and want to read something deep and soulful, this is the book for you.

Dangling Gandhi- A book Review

Dangling Gandhi

What is it about?

Dangling Gandhi and other short stories is a lovely book which contains 12 amazing stories. Each story is significantly different from the others and has a lot to offer. Throughout the books different emotions have been explored in depth. This book is focused on emotions, feelings and activities that are sure to make you think.
Reading this book I realized that the author is not just a seasoned writer but also a master of expression. Every word in this book has an intimate meaning which desires to be explored. This is not a kind of book which you can read and forget. This is not something that should sit on your shelf and cover dust.
If you feel like you need to gain a different perspective this is the book for you.

What did I like?

• The cover does justice to the book. It is detailed, intricate and well balanced.
• The languages used in this book is a little purified than the normal conversational language. This doesn’t happen very often with Indian authors. Way to build your vocabulary!
• The stories explore human emotions on different planes.
• This book shows that you always have a different approach towards things. It is on you- if you want to choose that or not.
• The book is not time specific. The stories are scattered all over history.
• The author has managed to bring together a balanced mix of different cultures as well. This only portrays how knowledgeable the author is.

Would I recommend it?

I would recommend it but only to people who like deep literature. For a normal person it might be a little boring or tough. But if you are someone who likes to handle deep emotions this is the book for you.

Work To Succeed

You need to spread your wings in order to fly.

Sitting & wondering will only make the sky appear too high.

For you need to start, if you wish to reach the end.

Cause the success you desire, requires some efforts to be spend.


You might have found me in red and green,

That’s common in us to be seen.

But then in this world of changes and evolution,

To survive my existence, I tried some color fusion.

Found this newly designed dragon fly in my garden today. But I couldn’t find its name. Kindly help me know this species friends. I will be grateful to you all.


When was the last time we appreciated something that was natural and not man made or technology based!

Our minds have been so lost in adapting the filtered world that we are finding it difficult to recognise what’s real and natural. It won’t be wrong if said that we are ultimately turning into robotic humans! Our brains are being designed and corrupted with delusion.

But the good part is, nature knows best to express itself. We only need to take our time to understand their expressions. It can really connect to us if only we allow it to. Nature needs our time and we need its presence.

State Of Mind.

A few introverts might agree, and also a few writers, that Loneliness by Choice helps to create some of the best works and best decisions.

Loneliness holds its own positivity. It’s that phase when our mind shuts all the doors to the outside world which is freaking around us. All voices go faint, and all those thoughts which are not ours are left behind. What’s audible is our inner voice, what we possess is our own thoughts, and the only person we meet is our own self.

It’s this time when we find ourselves in peace. When we provide shape to all our scattered musings. When all the noises and chaos in our mind settle down, to be arranged and sorted in order. Loneliness not always mean that we are left alone. It sometimes just means that we chose to be alone, cause we chose to enjoy our own company.