Life… Strange, surprising, unpredictable.       A journey unknown.                                           A journey to be traveled alone.                         A book with blank pages.                                   Pages, waiting for your experiences in verses. 

Life… Precious, lively, variable.                         With phases, faces and actions.                        And the impatient wait for the reactions.      A teacher, with universal knowledge.             And teachings, when your problems find the edge. 

Life… Painful, purposeful, adorable.                 A ride, with fear, cheer and pleasure.             The ups and downs, all with measure.             A river, that is irrepressible.                             Nothing can stop it’s flow, no mountain no pebble. 

Life… Unbound, ironic and mystical. 




Only if you believe that heaven exists. Nature would never disappoint you in your beliefs. You’ll always find a place, somewhere or the other, where your soul finds peace, your eyes find relief and your heart speaks out loud, “I want to live this”. So set yourself free, find a place where your mind can rest and you feel yourself Alive.