Work To Succeed

You need to spread your wings in order to fly.

Sitting & wondering will only make the sky appear too high.

For you need to start, if you wish to reach the end.

Cause the success you desire, requires some efforts to be spend.



You might have found me in red and green,

That’s common in us to be seen.

But then in this world of changes and evolution,

To survive my existence, I tried some color fusion.

Found this newly designed dragon fly in my garden today. But I couldn’t find its name. Kindly help me know this species friends. I will be grateful to you all.


When was the last time we appreciated something that was natural and not man made or technology based!

Our minds have been so lost in adapting the filtered world that we are finding it difficult to recognise what’s real and natural. It won’t be wrong if said that we are ultimately turning into robotic humans! Our brains are being designed and corrupted with delusion.

But the good part is, nature knows best to express itself. We only need to take our time to understand their expressions. It can really connect to us if only we allow it to. Nature needs our time and we need its presence.

State Of Mind.

A few introverts might agree, and also a few writers, that Loneliness by Choice helps to create some of the best works and best decisions.

Loneliness holds its own positivity. It’s that phase when our mind shuts all the doors to the outside world which is freaking around us. All voices go faint, and all those thoughts which are not ours are left behind. What’s audible is our inner voice, what we possess is our own thoughts, and the only person we meet is our own self.

It’s this time when we find ourselves in peace. When we provide shape to all our scattered musings. When all the noises and chaos in our mind settle down, to be arranged and sorted in order. Loneliness not always mean that we are left alone. It sometimes just means that we chose to be alone, cause we chose to enjoy our own company.

Midnight Musings

It’s the middle of the night,

And I am left with an occupied brain.

There are thoughts which are not right,

Which aren’t to be fed, but need to be drained.

I got some freshly dead remains of the past,

And some stale unborn hopes for the future.

I have my dreams built, which are sacred and vast.

And my heart stores some desired love, which will forever last.

My conscience knows, not all wishes are to be fulfilled,

Not all dreams are going to be true.

I’m standing at a point from where hundreds of paths begin,

Looking behind, I find my sins passing me a wicked grin.

And all this chaos is sucking over my redness,

Leaving my skin all pale, and life a complete mess.

It’s a point where I want to conseal all my happiness, for they stay.

But it seems like all my happiness have parted their way.

How do I choose one, where I fear more of losing the other?

How do I know, which decision stores no regrets further?

Oh life! Standing at a dead end was easier than facing a vast beginning.

I wish, to test we humans, you design some simpler thing.

Changes Are Natural

Chameleons not only does camouflage, but also leave behind their old skin on regular intervals. These periodic changes are a sign of growth in them. Leaving behind the dead skin and living in the new skin, is all how they represent growing.

There’s so much to learn from them! We humans, often regret change. We prefer cherishing the dead remains of the past, rather than welcoming the new future. Our past is the heaviest load that we carry and that which keeps us away from growing, from moving forward, and from changes.

What if nature decided never to change! What if creatures decided never to evolve! We would have never witnessed the beauty of nature’s evolution.

Changing and accepting the changes, is all what we need to do. Every change is always for the good. Every acceptance towards, is the sign of growth and development. Living in the past is a kind of excuse that we make for not being able to accept the future. But time offers us many opportunities in the form of diversities, and we only have to accept them. Cribbing about the dead remains, will never take us anywhere. But letting things go, and welcoming the challenges, will surely help us grow.